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14mm Dollmore Eyes (L07)

Consumer Price
Sales Price
0.05 Kg
Event Price
6.48USD 20% OFF for all doll eyes during summer holiday
Special Note
* Product code: D14L07
14mm Dollmore Eyes (L07)

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detail prdoduct - 상품상세설명

100% Dollmore self-developed high quality acril eyes Dollmore eyes have been made through epoxy process and Acrylic covering. so you can buy variety of Dollmore eyes with good quality and high transparency like an epoxy resin at moderate prices. It has a ball shape and it's shipped out as put in a rounded eye case. We hope that it gives you a great pleasure in its low price, beautiful color and transparency~ * Monitor color and actuality eyeball color can be seen differently. * Model by Dollmore Kid - Pado (14mm eyes fit well) * Included: eye case + one pair of eyes

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- * 돌모아 안구 5개를 구매하시는 분께는 한개를 더 드립니다.^^ : 서비스 안구색상은 램덤으로 돌모아안구에 한해서 5개 구매하실경우 한합니다. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 돌모아 자체개발력으로 개발된 최고급 아크릴안구입니다. 고급 수입소재의 에폭시작업을 거친후 다시 아크릴로 다시 한겹을 덮어서 제작된 고급안구로 투명도가 높고 수지안구의 다채로운 색상과 깊은 색감은 그대로 유지하면서도 아크릴로 다시한번 커버링하면서 단단하고 깔끔하게 마무리된 특수안구입니다. 전체적으로 완전구 형태를 가지고 있으면 동그란 안구케이스가 무지 귀엽습니다.^^ 돌모아에서 제작된 이 고급안구는 국내에서 100% 모든 공정을 거쳐 다양하고 아름다운 색상과 영롱한 투명감과 저렴한 가격으로 많은 분들께 안구변화의 즐거움을 선사하리라봅니다.^^ 색상이 넘넘 이쁘네요.^^ * 구성 : 안구케이스 + 안구한쌍 * 케이스 사진속의 안구는 "16mm Dollmore Eyes (H07)"입니다.^^
1. We provide free shipping service for one packet by FedEx if a buyer buy more than 2000 us dollar at one time.
If your order should be shipped by two packets, you need to pay extra shipping fee for the second packet.
2. If you buy many doll stands or doll furniture, then it is impossible to provide free shipping service.
3. We can ship order by Fedex, EMS, Rincos, k-packet.
4. EMS, Fedex, Rincos and Kpacket shipping fee is charged based on box size.
Therefore, when you buy a big size doll stuff, shipping fee will be very high.
If you find out damage of our dolls and doll stuffs, contact us within 1 week after receiving the packet.
Our E-mail: ,
Our Facebook ID: Eunyoung Lee (Dollmore)
We provide Layaway Payment Method when buyer buy a doll or doll parts when order amount is higher than 200 us dollar.
There will be absolutely no refunds, exchanges, or changes about layaway order.
If you cancel your layaway order, you will lost all deposit that you have sent.
All purchase of layaway order is final.
We suggest you leave a memo about layaway terms when you make order, we will check your memo when we send Paypal invoice to you.
We will set partial payment option to the PayPal invoice of layaway order.
You can pay partial payment at that PayPal invoice link.

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