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Kid Dollmore Boy - Torrie 
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 * We renew photo for dollmore torrie doll, seeking your love of our cute torrie.




Let me introduce a Kid Dollmore boy - Torrie with 4 kinds of ears parts.

Lovely, charming eyes like kitten and cute, little nose and lips~!

He has a childlike innocence

but sometimes he has a mature appearance.

He appeared as features of fantastic elf with 4 kinds of ears

that include the elf ears and mermaid ears.

so, he can be created in Various features with 4 kinds of ears.

He has 4 type ear parts
that makes him to be human,mermaid and elf freely.

He has 4 pair of ear parts  including
human ear parts, mermaid ear parts, elf ear parts(a pair of long ear parts, a paif of short ear parts)

* Included: head( no make up), body(assembled), acrylic eyes(14mm, color random), wig(random), box, 2 cushions, default underwear


* If you want to specify eyes and wig,
you are able to select your prefer one in our website and leave memo on the comment section. :))




* Body size

- Height : 43.5cm
- Head :18.7cm (7-8inch sized wigs fit well)
- Eyes : 14mm or 16mm
- Neck : 7.6cm
- Bust : 18cm
- Shoulder : 6.5cm
- Weist :15.5cm
- Hip : 18.5cm
- Foot : 6.0cm

* Style Tip

- Eyes: 16mm Solid Glass Doll Eyes (20(W))
- Clothes 1 : MSD - Marooner Shirt (White)
- Wig : (7-8) Enfant Short Cut (Blonde)

Notice: Clothes, wig and eyes on this style tip will not ship together.

<<  order and shipping info  >>

1. from order to shipping : order -> payment -> production/shipping
so, you cann't cancel or return goods becase of order production system.
2. By starting from payment (not order date), it will be shipped within 7~15 days.
but according to options(body blusing,sanding service), it may be take more. ^^

<< payment >>

1. Paypal - help@dollmore.net
2. Credit card
3. Bank transfer.


* Torrie also has 4 type ear parts like asha on this photo. :)) 



* Here is the old photo for torrie doll.






* Design Register: 2006-50002




*** Any problems to the dolls and doll stuffs, contact us within 1 week after receiving the packet. *****

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