Neo Lukia Doll - Five Angel Story : Black Lukia - LE 20
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* Special Limited Edition - LE20


* Neo Lukia Doll - Five Angel Story : Black Lukia - LE 20


Let's go to downtown together! GO GO~~


We are five Lukia princesses~


We all go shopping, drink Coke and sing to gather together


And we talk about the hero of the concert went last night at a new cafe, watching our Kakostory.


Tdoay is a very pleasant summer afternoon like a fresh lemonade~


Even if we have different dreams and ideals,


We are the best friends who are happy to spend hours together~



Lukia's big eyes and long eyelahses are so adorable~


It would bring you much more happiness to be recreated and made from ABS.


Also, her absolute slender body well-proportioned make various model poses through the nice joints.  



* Included: head including make-up & body assembled (2kinds of feet: high heeled feet + basic flat feet), 

eyes, wig, clothes set, box, dollstand, warranty.   


* Clothes set: cardigan, blouse, skirt, underskirt, underwear, knee socks, shoes, hat, ransel (backpack) 

* Wig:  (8-9) Harper Wig (Black)

* Shoes: 12inches Long Wed Boots (Silver)

* Eye: Life Like Acrylic 20mm - Blue G20LD-01


* Note: The eyes worn and showed in the pictures are 20mm Glass Eye (DARK VIOLET) 

It's not included to full set. Seek your understanding in advance.





* Neo Lukia Doll Size 


- Tall : 34cm
- Eyes : 20~24mm in diameter
- Circumference of Head : 22cm (8-9inches sized wig fit well)
- Circumference of neck : 4cm
- Circumference of chest : 13.3cm
- Width of shoulders: 6cm
- Circumference of waist :8cm
- Circumference of hips : 12.3cm
- Length of "from hips to ankle" : 17.5cm
- Length of "from knee to ankle" : 7.7cm
- Foot size : 2.6cm based on heeled feet


* It is a well-proportioned doll made of quality ABS
which is non-toxic product and it is much safer and lighter than a regular resin
but It's not as good as a regular resin in detail.
and some parts may have traces made on manufacture of injection molding.


* The head is big in relation to its body, so please use a doll stand for standing up.


* It's manufactured by 100% Dollmore's own technology.


* Design registration No. 2006-50002


* Compatible SIZE


- wig: 8-9 inches SD ~ Model doll sized wigs fit well.
- clothes: 12 inches tall Barbie and Dollfie Plus sized clothes.
- shoes: 12 inches shoes and Dollfie Plus sized shoes


* For information regaring order and shipping


- As based on 'Production after ordering' system, your order can't be canceled, after paying.
- In general, It takes about a month from the date you pay

but the shipping date may be delayed a little more in hand-made work. Seek your understanding.


* Payment method


1. Paypal - Dollmore will send you a invoice via paypal.^^
2. Paygate (direct credit card payment)
3. Bank transfer.

- Bank name: Korea first Bank
- Account: 431-20-243375
- Recipient: lee eun young)
- Bank tel: 82- 2- 521- 9252
- Bank address : KOREA FIRST BANK 1675-1
Seochodong Seochogu Seoul 137-070 Korea
Gyodaeyeok Br.








1. If you find out damage to our dolls and doll stuffs, contact us within 1 week after receiving the packet.

2. We provide free shipping service by Fedex if a buyer buy more than 1500 us dollar at one time. But if you want to receive order by ems because of customs tax issue in your country, you should pay extra shipping fee to repeat fedex shipping method to ems shipping method.

3. If you buy many doll stands or doll furniture, then it is impossible to provide free shipping service.

4. We can ship order by Fedex, EMS, SF Express( Rincos), Standard air mail (Rincos), EE-packet and boat.

5. When you buy less than 1500 us dollar but did not pay shipping fee, it means that it happened system error. We are trying our best to fix system error now. Very sorry to make you confused. We will tell you shipping fee of your order.

6. When you are in Europe and USA, we suggest you select fedex shipping method. 

7. EMS, Fedex and Standard air mail shipping fee is charged based on box size.  So when you buy a doll stuff that should ship by big box, shipping fee will be very high.

8. EMS and EE-packet and Boat tracking page link : 국제특급-EMS행방조회영문 (

  SF Express tracking page link : SF Express (

  Fedex  tracking page link : 특송, 배송 및 발송 서비스 | FedEx 한국


9. To ask about further questions about shipping fee, send email to us. 

Email :,


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