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Trinity Doll - Happy Winter ; Jude - LE10
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* Special Limited Edition- LE10

* Trinity Doll - Happy Winter ; Jude - LE10

My sister and I saw another world in the winter forest~

We heard mysterious sounds coming from rosin rock next to the pine tree

and saw stardust with snow flowers scattered by the breeze~

An unknown bird with small and sharp beak was singing.

Sunlight poured, following the trail of small footprints.

On the path between the rocks below it, we looked at the blue-violet sky.

Beautiful and mysterious winter forest of high noon.

My sister grabbed onto my hand tightly.

I spent a lot of time in the snow-covered winter forest.

Beautiful white forest like a maze with my sister.


* Included: normal skin body, normal skin open eyes head with face-up,
26mm glass eyes, wig, clothes set, shoes, 1 Cushion, warranty, bag

- Clothes set : one-piece dress, underskirt, vest, handbag, muffler, hat, rabbit fur brooch, knee socks.
- Wig : (13-14) Soft Straight Wig (Blonde)
- Eye : (13-14) Soft Straight Wig (Red Brown)
- Shoes : Trinity Doll - Basic Meryjane Shoes (Enamel White)

* We use skirt of Trinity Doll Size - Lohen Dress Set (White) as a layered for fitting purpose to take good photo. This skirt will not ship together.

* The half-closed eyes Jude's head will not ship together.


* Blushing:

hands&feet blushing will not include in the doll price.
If you want to add hands&feet blushing or manicure&pedicure service, you need to pay addtional fee.


Catogory for blushing service
Home > Makeup&Sanding >Hands&feet blushing Price


* Notice:

If you want to stand a Trinity doll, you need a big doll stand.

80 ~ 120cm Dollmore Doll Stand (All - Black) 

link: http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=18721


This is the only stand that is able to stand a trinity doll.

If you buy this doll stand together with dolls, you are able to get this doll stand free of shipping fee.

If you buy this doll stand seperately, you have to pay shipping fee for 50 us dollar to 70 us dollar 

to receive the doll stand.



* Trinity Doll Size

1. Tall : 105cm
2. Body length not include a head : 92cm
3. Length from hip to knee : 25cm
4. Length from knee to calf : 24cm
5. Circumference of neck : 16cm
6. Width of shoulders : 14cm
7. Circumference of chest : 42.5cm
8. Circumference of waist : 31.5cm
9. Circumference of hips : 46cm
10. Circumference of Wrist : 11cm
11. Length from shoulder to wrist, including a wrist ball : 30.5cm
12. Circumference of ankle : 13cm
13. Length from hip to Heel : 54cm
14. Length of Foot size : 12.5cm
15. Circumference of calf : 21cm

* For information about order and shipping

- As based on 'Production after order' system, your order can't be canceled, after paying.
- The shipping date may be delayed a little more on hand-made work. Seek your understanding.
- In general, It takes about 1-2 months before shipping according to order quantity.

* Payment method

1. Paypal - Dollmore will send you a invoice via paypal.^^
2. Paygate (direct credit card payment)
3. Bank transfer.

- Bank name: Korea first Bank
- Account: 431-20-243375
- Recipient: lee eun young)
- Bank tel: 82- 2- 521- 9252
- Bank address : KOREA FIRST BANK 1675-1
Seochodong Seochogu Seoul 137-070 Korea
Gyodaeyeok Br.

'Design& sculpted by St.Cura'
Design registration No. 2006-50002

* Layaway Terms

To place an order on layaway, add items to your shopping cart as you normally
and put a memo for "Max 12 months Layaway" on additional comments section.
then I'll send you an invoice for 1/12 of your total order as a deposit
and we will then send an invoice the remaining balance in 12 equal monthly payments beginning one month
from the original date on which you placed your layaway order.
At 12 months, after your last installment payment has been charged, we will ship you your merchandise.
In the case of LE, you can't cancel your order. Also, the initial deposit is not refundable.
Therefore, please consider very carefully before deciding to buy.


*** Any problems to the dolls and doll stuffs, contact us within 1 week after receiving the packet. *****

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